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Does your business have the right conditions for VOIP?

Cloud VOIP optimal conditions

In-house VOIP optimal conditions

  • 10 users and under in one location


  • multiple office locations


  • home user internet connections


  • suitably capable routers



Each person needs a minimum amount of bandwidth to survive in today's digital world - take phone calls, receive emails, attachments, watch videos etc, in an environment such as this particular care has to be given to the state of the network.


Office locations which only have ADSL style connections in particular need very careful analysis which the Kaizen consultancy team will go through before an installation decision is agreed.


  • 35+ users in the same building


  • people across multiple floors


  • lots of individual offices


  • high speed/high bandwidth connectivity with SLA

For groups of users ranging from approximately 30+ the Kaizen consultancy team may possibly recommend an in-house VOIP solution. Having a system in-house but maintained by Kaizen Engineers give you lots of benefits even if the initial costs may be slightly higher overall ROI may be higher.


Calls inside the building will be far clearer on the simple basis that they will go around the internal LAN rather than having to go outside the building to come back in. Desk to desk video for example is especially improved by this type of system because of the increase in bandwidth. Further cost benefits will be made by having your own SIP trunks directly pointing to your LAN. This is how Kaizen's own internal system works.

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